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The Yellow Card Centre Scotland aims to increase awareness of adverse drug reactions and improve the safety of medicines for patients. To achieve this, the centre freely provides a variety of different training services and educational resources for all present and future healthcare professionals.

Education & Training across Scotland
Staff at Yellow Card Centre Scotland provide face-to-face educational and training sessions throughout Scotland to healthcare professionals and students. All training is provided free of charge. If you would like to arrange a training session please Contact Us via email, or telephone 0131 242 2919.

e-Learning Modules

The Yellow Card Centre Scotland, in conjunction with NHS Education for Scotland (NES), has produced six e-learning modules to support healthcare professionals in identifying and reporting adverse drug reactions, ultimately improving medicines safety for patients.  Particularly targeted at doctors, nurses and pharmacists in all sectors of care, the modules have relevance to all healthcare professionals.

Further information is available here.

Practice Yellow Card Report
The MHRA have a training website for the Yellow Card Scheme that contains useful information and allows users to submit practice Yellow Card reports online. If you wish to practice submitting a Yellow Card report, the link below will take you to a practice online submission form. Please note that Yellow Cards completed through this link are not sent to the MHRA.
Report Side EffectFINAL7.png 

Electronic Yellow Card Reporting via Vision
Yellow Card reports can now be submitted in Scotland via the general practice software Vision. The team at INPS Vision has composed a short video tutorial, which can be viewed below, detailing how healthcare professionals can use the software to submit a Yellow Card report.

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